Saturday, April 4, 2015

April Specials

I am so excited to announce Beachbody's April Specials.One of my favorite programs is on special this month. I have a challenge group starting April 13th if you are interested in joining me.

The first one that is on sale is the Piyo challenge pack. is Piyo? Piyo has many Pilates and yoga inspired moves. It builds strength, endurance and flexibility. It is low impact. It uses no weights. This program uses your body weight to get you the results that you need. Piyo will improve your range of motion. It will allow your joints a break. Because you are improving your core it will be good in all areas of your life.  I did this program while pregnant. I stopped when I was 29 weeks pregnant as it was too much twisting for me. I managed to lose inches in my arms, legs, and butt while being pregnant. It was so awesome.

29 weeks pregnant
This program is only $10 with the purchase of Shakeology.

The second is the Piyo kick start challenge package. This includes the 3 Day refresh. What is the 3 Day Refresh? The 3 Day Refresh is a straightforward 3-Day program to lose weight, get a clean break from bad nutrition habits and feel immediately cleaner, lighter and healthier...without starving! Why am I so excited? This program is awesome for those looking to get back on track with their eating habits and be able to feel immediately healthier and become lighter. Those that have already completed the three day program have lost an average of 5 pounds and about 2.5 inches in the waist in the three days. It isn't your typically cleanse as you get to eat real food during the 3 day refresh. This would be an awesome program to choose to get a jump start before all those holiday parties. This is only $50 with Shakeology.

The third is P90x3 challenge pack. It is a great workout created by Tony Horton. The workouts are 30 minutes a day.  You get 16 workouts that build muscle, burn fat, improve your balance and flexibility and work your core. This will definitely help you see results. This package is only  $30 with the purchase of your Shakeology.

Also on sale this month is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, Challenge Pack, and Refill Kit. The Ultimate Reset is a 21-day program that rids the body of all its toxins while maximizing energy production and nutrient retention. Ultimate Reset is a program designed to get the body in top shape internally, just as a fitness program gets the body in top shape externally. Users looking to restore energy, boost moods, and maximize health can rid the body of toxic compounds that could be making them ill-while dramatically improving the way they feel and function. 

If you are interested in any of these please contact me. I have a challenge group starting April 6th and any of these would be great choices. Have a blessed day.

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