Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Traveling with Kids-Prep

So today we are leaving for a little family trip. Yesterday I spent the day preparing for our trip. With six of us traveling and one in cloth diapers this will be an interesting trip. With four car seats in the car space is a premium.

For starters I pack using laundry baskets:
I let all the girls except D pack their own bags. I told them basically what they need to pack (5 pairs underwear, 4 socks, a bathing suit etc) and they pick what they want. This way later in the week when they say they don't like the outfits they had I can remind them that they picked them.

I pack them in the laundry basket so that as they wear the clothes I put them in the laundry basket. This way when I get home I am able to take the laundry basket into the laundry room and wash it. I do the same for our clothes to. This allows me to have a very easy clean up.

The diapers will also go in a  laundry basket. In one side of the laundry basket will be my wet bag. In the other side will be all the clean diapers. I love this method. I will however miss my diaper sprayer. If you cloth diaper and have never used a diaper sprayer you must get one. It is especially clutch when you have a 15 month old in diapers and are pregnant with twins.

I packed snacks for us as the drive is supposed to be 5.5 hours. I don't know if we will hit traffic around Pittsburgh as we are leaving by 8AM and will hit Wexford around 9:30.
I packed each of us an apple and a single serving a carrots. We will be taking our water. We also will be taking granola bars. This will allow us to stop at rest stops and not have to get off at any exits. We also wont make any bad choices and try to get something from a vending machine or McDonalds.

We will be taking our Shakeology. We won't be taking the travel blender this time. We didn't want to have to take frozen fruit with us. We instead will drink our Shakeology with just water for our morning snack. We get free breakfast at the hotel. They make omelets to order. I will just grab an extra piece of fruit at breakfast and viola morning snack.
Drinking my Shakeology before we leave

I also will be packing the co-sleeper. I don't want to use a hotel crib.  It is so much more convenient for  me to nurse her two-three times a night while she is in the co-sleeper.

I will be posing more tips as we travel this week. We haven't even gotten in the car yet and I'm already sick of hearing:
Haha! I'm hope everyone has a great week.

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