Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Who do you look to for inspiration?

In today's society there is lots of items on the internet that are constantly bombarding us. It is easy to see pictures of women scantly clothed. Some have women that were really fit. Some have women who look like Barbie. Some of these images are completely unrealistic. Others who show "real" women are put down. These are the images we should be embracing. I wanted to just show you some things today and talk about who I look to for inspiration.

First I wanted you to see a video. In this video you will see a model transformed. You will see what she looked like before they used Photoshop to transform her body.

Sometimes when we see images like this one we think wow I wish I could have long legs like her. Or maybe we say my butt will never look like hers. But then we see what she looked like before she was Photoshoped. She looked just like us. She is just a normal person.

In today's society we place a lot of weight on how we look. Just google perfect female body and see how many pictures come up. What if we stopped comparing ourselves to these fake pictures and started to look up to those that are truly being real and showing you what it is like to be a real woman.

I loved this add from Dove that showed how real women look.
What if we could be comfortable in our own skin? Look at these women above. They are having fun and are happy with the way that the look.

For a long time I was very uncomfortable in my own skin. I used to try to do anything to get people to like me. Then I learned about God's image of me. I learned that he loves us no matter what we look like. He has created each of us a unique.

Even though God loves us just the way we are it doesn't mean that we aren't supposed to take care of our bodies. God also states that our body is his holy temple and that we need to take care of it.

So how do I do that? I first surround myself with like minded women and men. I get rid of those that are negative and try to stay around those that are positive. They help boast me up. When they workout I want to work out knowing that we are both making our temples better. When I'm having an off day I have someone to talk to that understands the struggle and can help me not make bad decisions.

I secondly listen to pod cast from positive people. Some of my favorites are Chalene Johnson and Shaun T. They are positive and uplifting. They teach me things that help me be a better wife, mother and leader. They motivate and inspire me.

Lastly I try not to compare myself to others. This is the hardest for me. In a world where everything is in your face it is very easy to compare yourself to others. It is very easy to say "how does she have it all together and I am such a failure and a mess?" Sometimes people outsides don't match their insides. We can easily see what they want us to see.

For me the biggest change has been God loves me no matter what. He created me unique. He made me special. If I focus on that then my differences are actually positives and not negatives.

I loved this image with the top ten things to do for positive body image:
 These are some great tips. Why don't you try one of these today? I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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