Thursday, April 2, 2015

Traveling - Not killing my results

One of the most important things to consider while travelling is the amount of time you'll eat out, Many times you won't have access to a means to cook. Some hotels don't have refrigerators in them. Others may have a free breakfast. Yet others like the one we are staying at this week have a free evening reception. How do you navigate these choices.

Last night we went to the evening reception at our hotel. There was cheese and crackers, dips, pretzels and chips and then fruit. I got us each a piece of fruit and then walked away. I didn't pick up anything else as I knew it wasn't good for us. Don't even give into the temptation.
Same goes for hotel breakfasts. Some have a continental breakfast. This usually means that they have some type of fruit. Skip the junk like high sugar cereals and those Danishes and fuel up on some fruit. If there is yogurt get some of that for protein. If there is eggs and they aren't fried or fake get those. Stay away from the bacon and sausage. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don't skip it and make sure to properly fuel your body.

As far as eating out there are a few things we need to remember:
1. A cheat meal once a week is okay.  This means that we will eat outside of our normal diet. You can choose any meal or snack but NOT both.
2. You must consider portion size. You cannot eat all of your calories in a day for your cheat meal. It will hurt your progress.
3. Don't feel guilty for your cheat meal. Remember this is a one time occurrence during the week. Savor every bite and then move on.
4. Don't let it trigger more unhealthy eating. Don't say well I've already "fallen off the wagon" and then continue to eat poorly. Eat this one meal and then move on.
So number two says to plan your indulgence meals and this is where I want to spend a little time. Last night we knew we were going to a restaurant called Pies and Pints. Before we left the hotel I pulled up their menu with nutrition information. I choose something that was within my calorie budget and as close to the containers that I had left.

I also use this strategy if I am going out to eat and don't want a cheat meal. I head to the restaurant's web site and then look for items that meet my meal plan. If the restaurant's web site doesn't have calorie information another great resource to use is either My Fitness Pal or Spark People. Both have users that have entered in items from restaurants that normally wouldn't have calorie information on the company's websites.

Another strategy of eating out is to request a quiet spot. those that eat in front of a TV or next to the kitchen are considerably more likely to eat more.  Also, skip the appetizers and the bread. each of these are just fillers.

Another thing I do if a restaurant doesn't have a menu online and there is no information on any websites I make the server my best friend. I'll ask him or her how it is prepared and if there are any hidden ingredients like butter or salt.

Remember that weight loss is 80% diet and 10% exercise
You could exercise an hour or two a day but if you don't get you diet in check you'll never lose weight or never stay healthy.

I hope these tips help you navigate either the next time you are away from home or the next time you are going out to eat.

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