Monday, April 13, 2015

Piyo/T25 hybrid Week 2 Round up

This week was a great week. I felt so successful and got all my workouts in. My eating was much better this week. I'm excited to see what week 3 will bring.

Monday was Piyo Sweat. We had some extra time so we decided to do this 37 minute workout today instead of Wednesday. Wednesday we will do Drench. I love the heat section in the workout. I love how many burpees are in it and that I can do them. I also love how many pushups there are and that I am getting stronger.
I was remembering when I first bought Piyo last year. I remember Brian asking me why I was wasting money on it. That we had tons of pilates and yoga programs. Why did we need another one? He thought it was going to be easy. This was him after yesterdays workout.
He actually said to me that he'd be interested in doing the full ten week program after we finish this eight weeks of hybrid Piyo and T25.

My nutrition was spot on today. I ate within my containers. I feel so good when I fuel my body correctly. I'm ready for a great week.

Tuesday was T25 Total Body Circuit. It was a challenge. I couldn't believe how much harder I could push myself than last year this time. I did have to modify some of the moves as I was just spent. I was pushing myself really hard and had to modify to keep going. It felt great.
Tuesday was one full year of clean eating and 30 minute workouts everyday. I love how much my body has changed and how much better I feel. IT has been an awesome year and I cannot wait to see what this year brings. I'm loving every moment of this journey.

My nutrition was prefect today. I didn't have any cheats and ate on my plan. I did drink a beer this evening as it was National Beer Day.

Wednesday was Piyo Drench. IT was hard for me to get in this 47 minute long workout. Brian was at work later for a meeting so I was trying to get dinner on, my workout in  and entertain the girls all while trying to keep the baby happy. I got it done but it wasn't pretty and I had to push pause a thousand times to keep everything running. It felt great when I was finished.
I didn't feel like working out today. I was just tired. We were up a lot with the baby last night. This morning we went shopping with a friend for stuff for MOPS. We went to four different stores and then I took BCD to the mall play ground to play for awhile with my MOPS table. I was just exhausted. I also had dishes piled in the sink and laundry to do. This was all excuses I was using to not workout but in the end I was glad I did.

My eating was spot on today. I love days where I stay on track.

I work up Thursday morning to my pants being to big so I decided to weigh myself. 10 weeks ago D was born and I saw a new middle number on the scale! This is so exciting. I'm 24 pounds lighter than the day I delivered! I cannot wait to see how much my body changes in the next six weeks of this hybrid program.

Thursday's workout was T25 Ab Intervals. I for some reason don't remember this workout as well as I remember a lot of the other T25 alpha round workouts. I actually had to modify more than I would have liked to as my abs aren't strong yet. I did the plank series, the side series and some of the other series in a non-modified position, but definitely had significant trouble with the v sit. I know my abs have a long way to go to get stronger but I know everyday they are getting better. I also loved the little burst of cardio in this workout.

My eating was awesome today. I aloud myself to substituted one of my yellow containers for a chocolate chip cookie at MOPS today. Other than that I stayed within my plan for the day. I was proud as sometimes on MOPS days I allow myself to have it as my cheat day and I didn't do that today.

Friday was Piyo Strength Intervals. I forgot how much I loved this workout. I love how it interlaces great cardio with strength exercises hence the name. I love the skater jumps in this work out as the arms make them so much easier than the 21 Day Fix. I also like the Beast section at the end of this workout.
We had pizza for dinner. I used my recipe that is 21 Day Fix approved but did have 1/2 a serving more as I was starving. It was so nice to actually have pizza while clean eating. The rest of my day my nutrition was spot on.

Saturday was Speed 1.0. I barely got this workout in as it was a crazy day. We moved B and C into their big girls beds. Then we tried to put up Danielle's crib. It was a busy but fun day. Then we drove to Brian's parents house for the evening. I got my workout in but just barely.

Then we went to Eat n Park for dinner. I always get the baked cod Floridian as I know it is within my eating plan and wont kill my week.

Sunday was a rest day but I did anything but rest. We drove to Hershey's Pa for a family day trip. We went to Chocolate World and I did eat a candy bar. We did so much walking and had a ton of fun. It was a long fun day exploring Hershey. I ended up falling asleep at 9:30 pm. Im happy I actually got some sleep last night!

Here is my schedule for this week:
I'm still working on cleaning the pantry, fridge and freezer so I won't be making a meal plan this week. I know our portions and will stay within them. We also won't be back to Erie until late tonight so I don't know what today will bring but I know I'll make smart choices.
I hope everyone has a great and blessed week.

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