Challenge Groups

What is a Challenge Group?

A Challenge group is a 30, 60 or 90 day group that provides you support and accountability to meat you fitness goals.

What is required of me as a Challenge Group Participant?

1) Check in to your Facebook group often and participate daily!
2) Be in the moment in your life and your workout. It can become therapeutic and you will even find yourself looking forward to it! For myself, if I know that a "harder" workout routine is on the plan for tomorrow, it does me no good to start thinking about that one while in the midst of today's workout! Time to stop and take control of the direction of our thoughts!
3) Embrace yourself and your path of progress! Be an encouragement to others and don't compare yourself to them. You are your own competition. Take stock of yesterday and make today even better!
4) Smile. It makes a difference! Have a great day!
What will I provide you as your coach?
I will give you practical advice, recipes, tips, meal planning advice, support and encouragement as you try to meet your goals. Each challenge group is different as I will tailor each challenge group to the programs my participants are doing and to their individual goals.
Do I have to purchase a product to be a part of a challenge group?
Most of my groups do require a purchase of a Beachbody product. Be on the lookout as once or twice a year I will offer a free 30 day challenge group to discuss ways to incorporate healthy changes into your lifestyle.

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